"You did such a good job on this podcast, Hal. The audio is really smooth and easy to listen to. Being a podcast fan, I listen to lots of different ones in my car. 

Such a drag when the p'caster doesn't understand how to set the levels correctly and the conversation is washed away by road noise or I have to

continually adjust my volume knob to compensate for blaring music segments followed by faint talking...

Anyway, your TOTRW sounds really pro and your undetectable edits keep it flowing. 


WOW. These  audiograms are a fantastic bonus. 

I totally appreciate all the time and work you put into creating these. Very clever.

 I'm not familiar with audiograms, which is cool, I think my followers will really dig receiving something new & different from me - obviously something that 

I didn't just cook up myself.

 I will start rolling these out today on Instagram & FB. And this gives me a reason to get into Twitter.

 I usually start slowly with new promos & then, day-by-day,  begin sharing & posting further out. My fans will help spread the word too."

Mach Bell

Front man from the Joe Perry Project

Author, "Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker - a Diary"


Before and After samples of  this episode