Before and After Sample

Below are two audio clips from an episode of the Tales of the Road Warriors Podcast. The guest is Mach Bell, former lead singer  with The Joe Perry Project

This first clip is the unedited version. I wanted to cut my voice out of part of the conversation where I felt I was talking over my guest. It was recorded at too low a volume and also needed some audio sweetening (compression and normalization)




After: What the listener hears: First I added some compression and normalization. Then edited out the umps ahh, and some other extraneous syllables. Since this was recorded on two separate tracks, I was able to remove my part o f the conversation where I felt I may have interrupted Mach while he was telling his  story.


Finally, I closed up some of the overly long pauses a little  bit, just enough to make it sound natural without losing any of the essence of conversation, while maintaining a nice flow.